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Your copyright. Your brainchild. The product of your mind. You created it and you want others to see it, hear it, read it and feel it. But you don’t want them to steal it. Copyright law is your guardian. It demarcates the boundaries between what others can and cannot do with your creation. Those boundaries, however, are often fuzzy. Bringing them into sharper focus requires a skillful and experienced attorney. Zarin & Associates has been successfully filling this role for many years in a variety of creative disciplines, from music to film to photography to the written word.

Copyright Registration

After you give birth to your brainchild, the legal work begins. Upon creation and publication, a creative work is protected under the law. But to ensure the full benefits of the copyright laws, a creator should secure a copyright registration from the U.S. Copyright Office. Preparing a successful application to obtain such a registration requires knowledge of the law as well as an understanding of the nuances of the process itself. Having spent many years handling numerous copyright matters, Zarin & Associates is well equipped to meet the challenges often presented during this process.

Content Review/Copyrights And Rights of Publicity & Privacy

Litigation avoidance. As a creator of content, whether on a website, in a book, in a film or video, in marketing or advertising materials, or as part of a musical composition or sound recording, before publication you always want to ensure that your content does not violate someone else’s intellectual property rights. This can be tricky. Whenever you use even a portion of someone else’s creative work you run the risk of infringing their copyright and whenever you reference a real person you run the risk of violating that person’s rights of publicity or privacy. Having reviewed a plethora of creative content, Zarin & Associates is adept at assessing content to determine whether or not it has stepped over the line from a permissible to a violative use of someone else’s creative work or persona. Such an assessment can mean the difference between hassle free publication and expensive and time-consuming litigation.