International Trade Commission Investigations

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If your business is like many others in the United States, it likely manufactures goods abroad and imports them. Of the many obstacles importers must navigate, avoiding infringement of another business’ trademarks and copyrights is a substantial one. If a business perceives your imported goods to be infringing, rather than filing a copyright or trademark infringement action against your business in federal court, it may opt to file a complaint for such claims with the International Trade Commission (ITC) under the U.S. Tariff Act, which jump starts an investigation by that body.

For the complainant, the advantages of lodging claims before the ITC, rather than a federal court, are a far swifter adjudication of its claims and the possibility of unique and harsh remedies, such as orders prohibiting you from importing your goods or even from doing business in the United States at all. It is therefore imperative that you be represented in ITC investigations by counsel who has the knowledge, skill and fortitude to litigate before the ITC. Zarin & Associates is such counsel.