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Your trademarks. Your identity. The cornerstone of your business. Whether you’re adopting a new trademark or setting out to protect a well-established common law mark, Zarin & Associates can help. Trademark law is complex, but we have successfully navigated this complexity for many clients over many years in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to consumer products to apparel to publishing to entertainment to technology.

Trademark Selection

The best way to reduce the risk of expensive future conflict with a competitor after you have invested time and money in a trademark is to conduct a comprehensive trademark search prior to adoption of a mark. Due to its extensive experience, Zarin & Associates conducts such searches with a keen eye toward issues which may cause problems down the line.

Trademark Registration

Once you have selected or begun to use a trademark, protection of that mark is substantially enhanced by obtaining a federal trademark registration for it from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Having prosecuted many trademark applications over the years, Zarin & Associates has encountered a wide variety of stumbling blocks the USPTO places in the way of registration, through office actions, and therefore we know how to skillfully craft arguments to overcome these obstacles and successfully obtain registrations.